About us

Our purpose at Turtle Labs is to search the world for exceptional talents, products, science and technology to protect and enhance the human condition.

Being part of a wider investment and operational Group gives us a different perspective on R&D. It allows us to evaluate opportunities with a strong science, social and economics emphasis.

We focus on Value Creation. This happens when we merge insightful research from our centres with that of the external world. We then develop it, manufacture it, commercialise it and bring it to the customers and patients who need it.

Our Compass

From our travels around the world, we have identified three fundamental needs to protect the human condition: Food, Water and Shelter. To these, we add Education, Work and Energy as fundamental elements to enhance the human condition.

These six needs form part of our ViaTalenta Group Compass. The Compass drives our investment strategy and underpins all the collaborations and engagements we do.

Our Structure

Turtle Labs has R&D activities in different worldwide locations and is an integral part of the ViaTalenta Group. Turtle Labs Americas (TLA) is a not-for-profit entity in Canada covering our R&D and commercialization in that region.

To know more about ViaTalenta Group, please visit www.viatalenta.com

To find out more about the Group’s philanthropic activities, please visit www.viatalentafoundation.org