Our centres


“From waste to value”

The Bioprocessing Centre focuses on the production of biomolecules from natural sources, mostly organic plant and animal. Both fish and meat waste constitute an important source of bioactive compounds such as collagen and glycosaminoglycans. The output of the R&D portfolio ranges from products with bioactivity, anti-microbial, antioxidant and anti-fungal properties to the development of new techniques for waste management and functional ingredients in the food industry.


“Preventing malnutrition”

The Nutrition Centre focuses on nutrient deficiencies and prevention of non-communicable diseases through investigation of nutrient and contaminant content in local food systems and ecosystems. The emphasis is on protein replacement from plant-based proteins, aquatic protein sources and animal protein from circular systems. The goal is to find new ways to maximise the nutritional value of food and textured vegetable proteins as meat replacers. The centre also develops nutrition solutions for animals through the creation of specialized feed.

Plant science

“Developing a food secure world”

This centre focuses on plant genetics, innovative plant breeding techniques and bioscience to accelerate the development of sustainable precision agriculture. Using a “biosphere” approach, the research explores the interactions between soil, crop, climate, water, light and environment to develop the optimal crop quality and yield. The output of the R&D portfolio ranges from insights on the genetic regulation of phenotypic diversity, sustainable crop breeding & protection and biological control diagnostics to prevent contamination.


“Improving lives of patients with chronic diseases”

The Nutraceuticals Centre focuses its R&D on creating innovative and efficient ways to isolate and purify health-promoting compounds from various food sources. The output product of the R&D portfolio ranges from isolated nutrients, dietary supplements, and diets to genetically engineered “designer” food and herbal products.

Materials science

“Developing sustainable materials”

This centre focuses on the development of sustainable, organic materials and bio-dyes using green tanning agents. The emphasis is on innovating the extraction of vegetable tannins and investigating new enzyme-based microorganisms for the process. The research also looks at the recycling and upcycling of forestry, agriculture and marine waste into new materials. The output of this R&D portfolio will be new sustainable materials, bio-tanning products, procedures and a range of bio-dyes for industrial use.